ARDMS licensing Examination Preparation Course

Registry exam for RDMS, RVT, RDCS & RMSK credentials

Key features:

      It is an American-licensing examination conducted by APCA/ARDMS.

      The ARDMS preparation course covers almost all ultrasound modalities such as-


o   SPI – Sonographic Principles & Instrumentation – core subject.

o   Abdomen – leading to RDMS (AB),

o   OBGYN – leading to RDMS (OBGYN),

o   Breast – leading to RDMS (BR)

o   Neurosonology – leading to RDMS (N)

o   Vascular Technology – leading to RVT (VT)

o   Adult Echocardiography – leading to RDCS (AE)

o   Musculoskeletal ultrasound – leading to RMSKS (MSK).


      This program is intended for all medical doctors and allied health professionals who wish to take any of the above APCA/ARDMS licensing examination and/or to obtain the credentials/Certificates in any of the specialty ultrasound from Unites States of America.

      For beginners in ultrasound or no experience in ultrasound at all, we suggest to take the first three basic subjects covering the general ultrasound certificates requires in daily practice and also to obtain for the basic credentials in ultrasound. These are SPI, Abdomen and OBGYN ultrasound, essential for practicing general ultrasound.

      For further subspecialty courses any of the three different combination or all the three can be taken:

  1. RDMS – SPI and Abdomen and Obs/Gyne.
  2. RVT (VT) – SPI and Vascular Doppler Sonography.
  3. RDCS (AE) – SPI and Adult Echocardiography.
  4. RMSKS, RMSK – SPI and MSK ultrasound.

      One to One Hands-on training with state of the art training facility, modern ultrasound equipment, supplemented by videos, lectures & American-Canadian licensed instructor.

      After successful completion, necessary reference letter and Clinical verification form (CV-Form) will be provided to complete registration process for ARDMS examination, from our institute signed by APCA/ARDMS licensed instructor.

      Physicians will register with The Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (APCA), or Allied health professional will register with The American Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) for the examination.

      APCA/RDMS credentials are globally recognized ultrasound certificate.

      APCA/ARDMS centers are available in different countries worldwide.

      Our center helps prospected candidates in preparing and enrolling for the examination online.

      We are following North American Standard Hands-on curriculum and scanning protocol of AIUM, ARDMS and Sonography Canada (CARDUP).

      We have many senior clinical instructors in our school having RDMS, RVT, RDCS and RMSK credentials.

      All the subject modality in ultrasound we teach at Global Institute of Health Science complies with the curriculum and scanning protocol for ARDMS registry exam.


         The core subject SPI and basic ultrasound courses (Abdomen and OBGYN) starts twice in a year.  Student can enroll for –

         Winter session:  January-December, and for,

         Fall session:       July-June.

         In Vascular Doppler (RVT) and MSK ultrasound (RMSK) courses, student can enroll almost every month.

          Adult Echocardiography (RDCS) courses is a 4 months’ course, enrollment occurs three times in a year, in January, May and September of each year.

         We can also arrange course at any time for individual groups, shortening the time period, upon discussion and based on background experience.

         Contact with our admission office for your special need.

         Foreign students must apply at least three months ahead for visa processing.

Eligibility criteria for Bangladeshi Residents:

      For SPI, Abdomen & OBGYN credentials, MBBS, MD or any equivalent degree in Medicine, with or without back ground ultrasound experience.

         For Vascular (RVT) and MSK (RMSK), prerequisite is diploma in medical ultrasound with Sonographic principles and Instrumentation (SPI).

         Vascular or Cardiovascular surgeons can also apply for RVT & RDCS.

         Orthopedic Surgeon, Rheumatologist and Physiotherapy specialist can apply for RMSK/RMSKS.      

 Eligibility criteria for foreign applicants or NRB :

      MBBS, MD or any equivalent degree in Medicine.

      Bachelor in Radiology Technology (RT)

      Bachelor in Medical Imaging Technology (BMIT)

      Bachelor in Physiotherapy

      Bachelor in Nuclear Medicine

      Bachelor of Nursing and/or Midwifery.


Course Duration:

      For SPI, Abdomen & OBGYN – One Year.

      For Vascular and MSK – One month each.

      For Echocardiography – 4 months.

      Course duration may vary with background experience.


Course Content:

         ARDMS curriculum with relevant subject.  

International Students:

      We welcome students from foreign countries to enrich our campus life and foster life-long relationships and international cultural interactions.

         Foreign students must apply at least three months ahead for visa processing.

      The certificates submitted by foreign students as prerequisite must be authorized and/or recognized by their respective board, university and/or medical council.

      Accommodation: we have limited access of accommodation facilities at this moment for foreign students nearby the campus. However, it should be requested earlier to avail a seat. Or if one wants to stay elsewhere, we may assist to find suitable accommodation nearby.

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