Key features:

  • It is a two weeks Comprehensive Course on Transvaginal OBGYNSonography.
  • One to One Hands-on trainingis the main focus on practical skills acquisition with practical and didactic classes with instructor-student ratios of 1:4.
  • State of the art training facility with modern ultrasound equipment ranging from basic machine to high resolution ultrasound equipped with TVS, Color Doppler, 3D/4D facilities.
  • The utilization of real patientsupplemented by videos, slides, lectures etc.
  • As this is a fundamental component of your practice, it will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand both transabdominal and transvaginal pelvic examination, at your ‘point of care’with AIUM/RDMS Standard Protocol.

Target group:

  • Are you a Sonologist or Gynecologist, OBGYN residents, wants to advance your carrier in transvaginal sonography which will enhance your diagnostic ability in gynecological and obstetrical problems?
  • Are you a Gynecologist or Sonologistlooking to develop your ultrasound skills on Follicle tracking and infertility ultrasound?
  • Are you a fertility clinician or IVF technologistlooking to gain practical proficiency in follicle tracking ultrasound or Folliculometry?
  • Are you a Sonologist or fertility clinician seeking practical ultrasound skills to help you answer key questions on the infertility and treatment cycle?


  • Ultrasound is an essential tool in the IVF clinics, this two weeks course will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand the basics associated with follicle tracking ultrasound along with infertility.
  • This program will also give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand transabdominal & transvaginal pelvic examination, at your “point of care” for gynecological problems.

Course Objectives_Course Content:

  • This practical and focused course will provide you with the skills to-

o    Describe physical principles and artifacts of ultrasound, knobology and image optimization

o    Describe the basic difference between TV/TA examinations of pelvic organs.

o    Demonstrate both TV/TA scanning technique according to AIUM/ARDMS or global standard.

o    Demonstrate basic practical proficiency in transvaginal assessment of pelvic organs.

o    Describe and demonstrate the anatomy and normal sonographic appearances of the pelvic organs including –

o    Correlation with the normal menstrual cycle,

o    Changes in pre-puberty, reproductive and post-menopause.

o    Identify the developing follicle, corpus luteum and systematically measure the follicles

o    Identify the complications of fertility treatment.

o    Document and present complete and accurate sonographic findings for recording and reporting to facilitate appropriate diagnosis and clinical management.


o    Sonologist, OBGYN specialists & residents, who are looking to develop their ultrasound skill in OBGYN through Transvaginal approach.

o    OBGYN specialist, residents, sonologist and sonographers wants to learn ultrasound in both Transabdominal and Transvaginal approach in more advance level with North American standard.

o    MRCOG candidate.

o    A reasonable experience in OBGYN ultrasound is expected.


o    One Week / Two Weeks ( Total 05 Classes )

o    Can be shortened on demand or needs of individual candidate.

Course Starts:

o    Every month

o    Starts on demand anytime.

o    For upcoming schedule, please contact us.


o    A “Certificate of Achievement” shall be awarded to the participants who registers and successfully completes all the requirement of the program.

International Student:

  • We welcome students from other countries to enrich our campus life and foster life-long relationships and international cultural interactions.
  • We don’t have accommodation facilities at the moment for foreign students. However, if requested earlier, we may assist to find suitable accommodation nearby the campus.