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Global Institute of Health Science is a center of excellence in Ultrasound Education & ARDMS Training, dedicated to education, training and research in diagnostic ultrasound. Since its inception in the year 2018, the institute has carved a niche for itself and has brought about a silent revolution in the field of practicing ultrasound, so that it has the distinction of being the first and only center in Bangladesh for ultrasound training as per protocol standardized by American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) In January 2018.

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ARDMS (SPI, Abdomen & Obs / Gyn)

RVT (Vascular)

RMSKS (Musculoskeletal)

RDCS (Echocardiography)

Who are eligible for this Course?

Group A: MBBS / MD / DO (Equivalent)

Group B: BHMS / BAMS from any Medical College or Recognized University.

Group C: BSc in Nursing / Bachelor Degree of any Medical Technology.

Group D: Bachelor Degree of any Health Science.

Medical Ultrasonography Courses

Academic Course Details Outline

ARDMS licensing Examination Preparation Course

Registry exam for RDMS, RVT, RDCS & RMSK credentials.

Key features:

It is an American-licensing examination conducted by APCA/ARDMS.

The ARDMS preparation course covers almost all ultrasound modalities such as-

Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (DMU)

One Year Full-time & Distance Learning Program

Key features:
It is a Post Graduate Diploma course in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound.
It is a One-year regular full time course.
It is also available as One-year distance learning program with 2 months at site hands-on training.

Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynecology Ultrasound

Six month DMU in OBGYN ultrasound

Key features:

It is a post graduate diploma program in OBGYN Ultrasound.

It is a six-month comprehensive course on both Transabdominal and Transvaginal OBGYN Sonography.

Vascular Doppler Sonography

Key features:

It is a One month / Three Months comprehensive ultrasound course in vascular Doppler sonography.

The course comprises of basic principles of Doppler physics with application and evaluation of Color Doppler, PW Doppler, CW Doppler and Power Doppler for all neck vessels, upper and lower limb vessels, abdominal arteries, veins, portal veins

Adult Echocardiography

Key features:

It is a Six month Comprehensive course on Adult Echo Cardiography.

It is delivered with a main focus on the acquisition of basic practical skills on scanning techniques and protocols with ACS/ARDMS standard protocol covering the syllabus for RDCS licensing examination.

Fetal Anomaly Screening

Key features:

Fetal Anomaly Scan is a One month or  Three Months Advanced Obstetrics ultrasound course for Pregnancy Assessment.

This Advanced Ultrasound for Pregnancy Assessment courses are delivered with a main focus on the acquisition of extended practical skills on scanning techniques and protocols to identify/exclude fetal anomaly

Transvaginal Sonography

Key features:

It is a two weeks Comprehensive Course on Transvaginal OBGYNSonography.

One to One Hands-on trainingis the main focus on practical skills acquisition with practical and didactic classes with instructor-student ratios of 1:4.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Key features:

After completion of the MSK ultrasound course, the professional is capable of using MSK ultrasound in their day to day clinical practice in a qualitative and critical way.

The professionals will learn how to scan anatomical structures of the upper limb and lower limb muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves.

Small Parts Ultrasound
Thyroid, Breast, Scrotum

Key features:

It is a One Month or Three Months Comprehensive Course on Small parts ultrasound which includes Neck, Thyroid & Parathyroid gland, Breasts and Scrotum scanning.

One can register for individual small parts as well such as –

Why to choose GIHS? Why it is different?

Our Center is neither the pioneer, nor the biggest in terms of office space. But we are proud not to be a Commercial Institute. In a Seminary with homely atmosphere and students-friendly instructors, here in GIHS you will feel special as a Learner

Our decorative beauty lies in our unique teaching methods. We search for the learners who have hunger for knowledge, and we commit to make him a Scholar.

  • We deliver lesson in a consumable way for the learners, just at the way our instructors prepared themselves in their tenure.
  • Specially prepared hand-notes are composed after consulting with the renowned Textbooks of Ultrasonography.
  • We do not deliver Lectures; we make you understand it thoroughly.

A State of Art Center with Latest Modern Sonography Machine with All Possible Probes enable a learner to get oriented with the latest Knobology. This will make you familiar with all sorts of Ultrasonography devices in your working places.

Potent Theoretical knowledge makes a person see the Unseen against the screen.

  • That is why GIHS ensure updated applied information in sonographic field.
  • We do not burden the learners with unnecessary facts, rather we provide condensed concept required for practical life.

Our target is to make an examinee pass the competitive exams with confidence. Passing the Licensing or Diploma Examination give you the recognition in the respective fields.

  • GIHS offer Exam Oriented Teaching with special tricks for early completion of the Test.
  • The most difficult and fearful part in the ARDMS Licensing exam is Semi-Interactive Console (SIC) part questions. We ensure adequate practice in this section.
  • Our effort is ceaseless until you succeed.

Only academic knowledge does not make a clinical expert. GIHS ensures ample “Guided & Supervised Training” with the Real-Time practice on Models or Patients. This applied knowledge will make you to become a confident practitioner in your job field.

  • Applied experience in their respective fields for more than a decades have made our Instructors glaced. Our dedicated certified Instructors enjoy teaching.
  • Recognized Qualification, High Scores in the ARDMS / DMUD Licensing & Diploma exams and busy practice, all composed them as a confident and incomparable Instructors.
  • Dedication & sincerity are the strength of their teaching. They do not stop, until they are satisfied.
  • Our Instructors provide Supervised and One-to-One Practical Teaching which ensure the desirable method of learning.

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