15 Classes with Theoretical & Practical Hands-on Training. Course may be condensed or adjusted for a Group of students at their own pace and requirements.

Course Objective

It is a 05 Weeks Comprehensive course for Vascular Sonography (Three Classes per Week).

This course will give you both Practical & Theoretical knowledge to perform ultrasound exam in Carotid & Peripheral Arterial Doppler , Venous Doppler , Abdominal , Renal artery & Portal Vein Doppler assessment , Obstetrics Doppler specially Fetal Doppler for assessment of Placental Insufficiency , Feta Hypoxia, Pre-Eclamsia & IUGR.

Students will get high quality Standard Practical Hands-on training by USA / Canada Licensed Instructors with modern latest Ultrasound Equipment supplemented by videos and lectures.

Career Options

You can enhance your ultrasound job dimensions in specialized fields.


MBBS/ MD/ BHMS, who have completed DMUD or already practicing Ultrasonography for a long time.


GIHS Certificate would be awarded to the successful candidates.

Course Fee