Key features:

  • Fetal Anomaly Scan is a One month or  Three Months Advanced Obstetrics ultrasound course for Pregnancy Assessment.
  • This Advanced Ultrasound for Pregnancy Assessment courses are delivered with a main focus on the acquisition of extended practical skills on scanning techniques and protocols to identify/exclude fetal anomaly including Chromosomal or aneuploidy scan.
  • This course will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge to perform and understand ultrasound examination in pregnancy with emphasis on ability of identifying fetal anomalies, including sonographic soft-markers for genetic abnormalities.
  • This program will also demonstrate the techniques of Doppler assessment of Fetal-maternal circulation, fetal wellbeing and IUGR and Biophysical profile.
  • One to One Hands-on training is the main focus on practical skills acquisition with practical and didactic classes with instructor-student of 1:4 ratios.
  • State of the art training facility with modern ultrasound equipment ranging from basic machine to high resolution TVS, Color Doppler, 3D/4D facilities.
  • The utilization of real pregnant patient supplemented by videos, slides, lectures etc.
  • Time-frame can be extended up to 15-30 days according to the participant’s special needs.

Target group:

  • This Advanced Obstetrics Ultrasound Program assumes a reasonable experience in the basic components of obstetrics ultrasound scanning.
  • Are you an Obstetrician/Sonologist looking to develop your ultrasound skills to identify fetal anomalies, Genetic or aneuploidy scanning?
  • Are you an Obstetrician/Sonologist looking to learn ultrasound for pregnancy assessment in advance level with the ability to assess fetal-maternal circulation or Doppler assessment?
  • Do you simply want to improve, refresh or extend your obstetric ultrasound technique?


Course Objectives:

  • This practical and focused course will provide you with the skills to:-

o     Describe physical principles to understand and operate the ultrasound equipment.

o     Demonstrate a scanning technique according to AIUM/ARDMS or global standard.

o     Demonstrate advanced practical proficiency in performing and interpreting the following:

  • Normal and abnormal first trimester ultrasound evaluation.
  • Normal and abnormal 2nd and 3rd trimester ultrasound evaluation.
  • Fetal biometric assessment in 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester.
  • Ultrasound assessment for fetal well being by using Doppler,
  • Ultrasound assessment for fetal anomalies.
  • Ultrasound assessment of placenta and cervix, especially in 3rd trimester.

o     Discuss the principles of assessment of first trimester bleeding, miscarriage or abortions, ectopic pregnancy and other causes of pregnancy failure.

o     Discuss the first trimester embryonic or fetal abnormality or aneuploidy scanning.

o     Discuss the second and third trimester fetal abnormalities including biometry, fetal brain, spine, lungs, heart, kidneys, bladder, bowel, limbs, cord and cord insertion and abdominal walls.

o     Discuss the sonographic soft-markers related with chromosomal abnormalities.

o     Surveillance of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, IUGR, fetal hypoxia.

o     Discuss the clinical role, practical applications, and limitations of ultrasound in the assessment of pregnancy.

o     Document and present complete and accurate sonographic findings for recording and reporting to facilitate appropriate diagnosis and management.


o     Sonologist, OBGYN specialists & residents, who are looking to develop their ultrasound skill to identify fetal structural and chromosomal anomaly.

o     OBGYN specialist, residents, sonologist and sonographers wants to learn ultrasound for pregnancy assessment in advance level with the ability to assess fetal-maternal circulation using Doppler.

o     MRCOG candidate.

o     A reasonable experience in OB ultrasound is expected.


o     One month/ Three Months ( Total 15 Classes)

o     Can be shortened or extended on demand or needs of individual candidate.

Course Starts:

o     Every month

o     Starts on demand anytime.

o     For upcoming schedule, please contact us.


o     A “Certificate of Achievement” shall be awarded to the participants who registers and successfully completes all the requirement of the program.

International Student:

  • We welcome students from other countries to enrich our campus life and foster life-long relationships and international cultural interactions.

·      We don’t have accommodation facilities at the moment for foreign students. However, if requested earlier, we may assist to find suitable accommodation nearby the campus.